It is still always a thrill when I get an order for a piece of my jewellery. I never get over the fact that there are people who actually want something that I've created. This is probably the best feeling for me as a jewellery designer. A lot of love and effort goes into creating each piece and most of the time it's sent off to it's new home, and I'm left wondering who is the person that has bought my jewellery and what is the reason... a birthday present or just a gift to ones self!? Most of the time I just have to create a story for the piece, but thanks to social media, I sometimes discover who wants to wear my jewellery and why they've ordered. 


Daniela shared the most beautiful photos with a sophisticated simplicity that I just love. She chose the large Braque hoops, which are still my favourite piece of the de Vence Collection. 

It is always so great to see people wearing my jewellery, so if you order a piece, don't forget to share with me so I can see the person behind the order... it makes my day.