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The smaller Courbe necklace is named after it's gentle curved base, courbe translating to curve. A simple detail on a minimal shape allows the focus to lie on the hallmark. Hand stamped at the London Assay Office, this pendant is hand made especially to order. The hallmark is made up of particular symbols that all reference the following;

The Makers Mark - Personalised initials to indicate who made the piece.

The Finesse Symbol - A symbol to signify the the metal type. A lion for sterling silver or a crown for gold.

A Millesimal Mark - This is a number to signify the quality of the metal. 925 for sterling silver, 375 for 9ct gold and 750 for 18ct gold.

Assay Office Mark - A leopard's head to reference where the item has been hallmarked. Items made in London will be stamped in Hatton Garden and the London leopard is a historic and traditional symbol.

Date Letter Mark - A letter to signify which year the jewellery has been created. For 2017 the letter is S, but it will be a specific style to determine the current year. Once the year is over, the annual stamp will be destroyed.

The pendant is on a 22" diamond cut, curb chain. 

Chosen metals for this piece are;

925 Sterling Silver a light, bright cool coloured metal.

9ct Yellow Gold A mellow and buttery, subtle, golden tone. 

18ct White Gold  A deep, dark, heavy metal. This carat and colour gold has been chosen for it's depth of gun metal with brown tones.


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